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Instant Pot Beef Stew with Stout


This melt-in-your-mouth Instant Pot beef stew is loaded with flavor. Using a bounty of fresh vegetables and tender beef, this updated classic will please everyone at your table. You can also make this recipe with any brand of electric pressure cooker. While the step-by-step instructions are written with Instant Pot terms, you will find they are easily adaptable to any brand.

As a toast to my Irish friends on St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to update my pressure cooker beef stew recipe to make it just a little bit more Irish. A traditional Irish Stew is made with mutton, onions and potatoes. You may also see carrots in the stew – a version, as I understand, that is preferred in southern Ireland.

My twist on the traditional Irish Stew is made with boneless beef chuck steak in place of the lamb or mutton.  You can, of course, use lamb if you prefer, but the cooking time and the cost will increase. The stout* also adds a unique flavor twist to the stew. I think you will find this stew delightful, and maybe after a couple rounds of your favorite Irish stout, you can dive right into this like a true believer.

*If you prefer not to use stout, just substitute it with an equal amount of water or no-sodium broth.

My grandmother made a melt-in-your-mouth beef and vegetable soup that always made us run to the table for dinner. Using a bounty of fresh vegetables and tender beef, this updated version continues to get me excited for dinner.

Tips*          Cook the beef cubes in batches for more even browning. Transfer the browned cubes to a plate after each batch. Add them back to the pot when all are browned.

*         If you like your stew a little thicker,  in step 4 mash a few of the potatoes and stir into the broth along with the tomatoes. The liquids will continue to thicken.

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