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Mediterranean Breakfast Frittata


This Mediterranean breakfast frittata is a fantastic, satisfying addition to your morning routine. Filled with fresh vegetables and packed with good nutrients, you just can’t go wrong with this scrumptious frittata. Whenever I can, I love to have these delicious frittatas ready to go for me in the morning.

You can follow the ingredients as listed using the asparagus, mushrooms, and leeks or substitute with other types of vegetables such a roasted red peppers, onions or artichokes. You can even add diced ham, bacon or prosciutto if you prefer. Just keep the volume of ingredients in balance and you have the template for a healthy and mouthwatering Mediterranean breakfast.

This delicious frittata is a very special way to start your day and save your leftovers for lunch. You can prepare this dish ahead of time to make your morning easier. Keyword: Mediterranean Breakfast

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